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Create a Dashboard Metric Account to Calculate a Delta Between Two Versions

In the following example, I have a Crosstab chart with two versions, the delta between the two, and a column reflecting the percent of target. The Delta and % of Target columns are Dashboard Metric accounts.  Below are instructions on how to create these Dashboard Metrics.

While in a Perspective, click on the Accounts icon in the left panel, click on Dashboard Metrics, click on the three dots to the right of <your instance> Metrics and select Add Calculated metric.


In the Metric Editor, fill in the Settings:


The Expression tab is where you will add the calculation.  The calculation below is calculating the delta between the Actuals and Targets – Board Approved versions for account 4000 Revenue. This is the Delta column in the Crosstab chart above.  To access help for Metric Editor expressions, click on the question mark.



Another Metric was created to calculate the percent of target revenue:

To add the accounts to the chart, select the chart while in Edit mode, select the Data Settings icon, expand Columns, select Add:

Then select Dashboard Metrics, expand <your instance> Metrics to see the accounts and select one.

The account will be added to the Crosstab chart.

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