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Planning Through Uncertainty: Samples, Tips, and Tricks (23m 43s)

This short video shows various examples for quickly updating your base plan/budget/forecast with a mix of detailed and summary adjustment.  Topics covered include:

  • Creating new what-if versions and controlling who can view them.
  • Quickly updating your plans related to travel, workforce, and capital.
  • Making summary adjustments to key account groups like revenue and expenses.
    • Easily adjust total revenue or various revenue streams independently.
    • Create adjustment accounts for unplanned expenses (e.g.  Employee relief programs, updates to payroll)
  • View the impact of the changes in real-time on Net Income and Cash Flow (if you already forecast cash), via web reports and dashboards.
  • Creating sheets to be able to quickly model out several scenarios for each version of your plan.
    • Setup drivers to quickly model a summary P&L across multiple scenarios.

Note that dashboards are briefly used for some examples and are an optional feature, they may not be part of your subscription.

The user interface might not match what you see in this video.