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SUTA Calculation Based on Each State’s Max and Rate:

This article provides steps to create a SUTA calculation based on each state’s rate and max.  Global assumptions were used so the assumptions can be entered in one place versus going to the lookup tables to enter the values. 

If you have a lot of states, it would be better to use a cube sheet rather than create a large number of global assumptions. 

The first step is to create the global assumptions for each state:

Go to Modeling > Assumptions to create the max and rate assumptions for each state.   Note: Set the rates as a %.


The next step is to create the State dimension and a value for each state:

Go to Modeling > Dimensions to create the dimension and a value for each state.


Add the State Dimension to the Personnel Sheet:

Go to Modeling > Level Assigned or User Assigned Sheets and select edit next to the sheet. Select Columns and Levels, find the dimension, and add it to the sheet.


Create two Lookup Tables and add formulas to pull from the Global Assumptions:

Click on the dimension.  At the bottom right side, create two value lookups:

Select Edit Lookup Values:

Add a formula to pull the applicable assumption from the global assumption. Do this for the rate and max for each state.  

Use the formula assistant to create the formula:


Create the account to calculate SUTA:

Go to Modeling > Level Assigned or User Assigned Sheets, select edit next to the sheet and select Modeled Accounts. Create a new calculated account.  The following formula can be copied and pasted into the formula section.  You will need to make adjustments based on your naming conventions.  You can also type in the formula.  (Note: To check the formula use “if” and once the formula is working as expected, change the “if” to “iff”.

(iff(ROW.CumulativeSalary<ROW.StateMaxLU,ROW.Salary*ROW.StateRateLU,iff(ROW.CumulativeSalary[time=this-1]<ROW.StateMaxLU and ROW.CumulativeSalary[time=this-1]!=0,(ROW.StateMaxLU-ROW.CumulativeSalary[time=this-1])*ROW.StateRateLU,0))+iff(ROW.CumulativeSalary>ROW.StateMaxLU, ROW.StateMaxLU * ROW.StateRateLU,0)*iff(versionmonth(this)=0 and ROW.CumulativeSalary>ROW.StateMaxLU or month(this)=1 and ROW.CumulativeSalary>ROW.StateMaxLU or versionmonth(this)=versionmonth(ROW.StartDate) and ROW.CumulativeSalary>ROW.StateMaxLU,1,0))

In the sheet, assign a State to each row:


Verify the calculation is working as expected:

The final step is to test the formula to ensure it is working properly.  Go to the sheet, right click and select row details, find the SUTA formula and check the results for accuracy:

If you already have a SUTA calculation that you referred to in a GL account, you will need to change the formula to pull the new SUTA account in the applicable version(s). 

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