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How to Set up a Rolling Forecast

A rolling forecast is a forecast that is created for a rolling time period rather than a fixed time period. As each period is completed and actuals are recorded, a new period is added onto the end of the forecast, and the forecast is updated for all open periods. 

The first step is to create the rolling forecast version in Adaptive Planning

  • Copy the budget/forecast version that will serve as the basis
  • Set the “End of Plan” to allow the Rolling Forecast to fit within the timeline of the new version
  • Set “Start of Plan” to last month of actuals +1


Set up the sheets for your users

  • Navigate to the sheets used for forecasting
  • Open Display Options in each sheet
  • Start can be set to Start of Version, which is what you had set when you created the Version in Manage Versions
  • Set End to Current Month.  This selection will allow you to input the number of months you would like to appear in the forecast.  The Current month is one of the months in the forecast.  If I want a Rolling 12 Months, I would input 11 months. Or 17 for an 18 month Rolling Forecast.  By selecting Current Month, the sheets will automatically change from month to month
  • Save changes, then Set as Default for all Users, and Save a second time


Create a rolling forecast report

  • Create a report with all months that correspond to your rolling forecast
  • Select all months and drag to the parameters area
  • Set the “initial choice” to the starting month
  • Make a total using the “subtotal” calculation





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