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Model Sheet Properties: Freeze Columns, Set Row Key, and Allow Editing in Rollup Levels

There are several options under Model Sheet Properties.  This article covers the following:

  • Set number of columns to freeze.
  • Select column to set as row key.
  • Allow editing while viewing rollup levels.



To get to Model Sheet Properties: 

Go to the Menu > Modeling > Level Assigned Sheets or User Assigned Sheets > Select Edit for the applicable sheet.  Then select Columns and Levels > Sheet Properties clipboard_e6e0b170ff1f980674cf7213d75e8a898.png.  Then select the Settings tab.



Set Number of Columns to Freeze:

In a modeled sheet, the number of columns to freeze on the left can be set so when a user scrolls to the right in the sheet, the number of columns set to freeze will remain on the left-side of the sheet.  In the example below, the first column with the Name will remain when a user scrolls to the right.




Select Column to Set as Row Key:

In this section, the options are limited to Text Elements.  For instance, in the example below, Name, Comments and Allocations are Text Elements and only the Name and Comments Text Elements have been selected.  I will see these elements when I drill into data and in reports.

Name and Comments sections in the Modeled Sheet:

Name and Comments appear in Explore Cell:

Name and Comments will also appear in reports:


Allow Editing While Viewing Rollup Levels

When Allow editing while viewing rollup levels is checked, the user can edit data while in a rollup level.


The following Modeled Sheet is showing data for Total Company which is the top level.  All rows are editable.  If the Allow editing while viewing rollups levels box is not checked, the data will be read only at any parent level.

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