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Import Dimension Structure Update for Bulk Delete (4m 41s)

Our new bulk structure update feature allows admins to update the hierarchy or attributes for existing dimensions.  Here's how admins can take advantage of this new feature to do a bulk delete of dimension values.

The user interface might not match what you see in this video.

Guide to Import Dimension Structure Update for Bulk Delete

As your Adaptive application expands over time, there will come a point when dimension cleanup will be needed in order to maintain peak performance. 

This article details the process to delete dimension members in bulk via the Import Dimension Structure functionality, rather than performing this task manually. These steps apply to hierarchical dimensions.

Step 1:  Ensure the Custom Dimension Members to be Deleted Are Not Being Used Elsewhere in Adaptive

The dimension members to be deleted should not have a blue dot next to them. Ensure they are not being used in Formulas, Sheets, Reports, etc.



Step 2: Create a New Custom Dimension Rollup

For example, in the Loans dimension, we’ve created a new rollup OK TO DELETE. This will become a parent to be used to store the leaf members we wish to delete.



Step 3:  Generate the Dimension Printable File

Click on the “Generate Printable View” button


Step 4: Open the Custom Dimension Excel File



Step 5: Update the Dimension File

The dimension file will contain all the Custom Dimensions in Adaptive. Delete all the dimensions that are not part of the dimension maintenance you are performing.


Step 6: Import File

After removing the extraneous Custom Dimensions in the Excel file, the remaining file should look something like this:

Notice the “reparenting” of dimension member Loan 3, Loan 4 and Loan 5 to the OK TO DELETE dimension member. This is the step in the process that will allow us to delete the all the unwanted dimension members at one time.


Step 7:  Import the Modified Excel Dimension File from Step 5

 Click on the Import Dimension Structure button:

Ensure the “Update” Import Operation is selected and for “Import File” select the modified dimension import file:


Click the “Upload” button.


Step 8:  Review the Dimension to Ensure the Structure Has Been Updated

In this example the Loan custom dimension has been updated with Loan 3, Loan 4 and Loan 5 now displaying as children of the OK TO DELETE parent.



Step 9: Delete the OK TO DELETE Dimension Rollup

Highlight the OK TO DELETE parent and click on the delete icon to delete.



Step 10:  Review the Modified Dimension

The OK TO DELETE parent has been deleted as well as its children.


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