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Updating Account Names Using Import Account Structure

If you need to update your Account names, an easy way to do this via the manual import account structure option.  This option does not work for updating Account codes, there is another article that covers how you can do that via Integration.

  1. Navigate to Modeling > General Ledger Accounts (this also works for Custom, Metric, and Assumption account types).

  2. Click the Generate Printable View button .  This creates a download to Excel that you will use to update your account names.

  3. Optional:  You can remove/delete any rows related to accounts you are not going to update.

      NOTE:  It is important that you don’t remove rows 1-3 as the system looks for the headers in row 4.
  4. You should have a file similar to this:

  5. Now you can update the information in the Name column to reflect what you want your displayed account names to be and save the file once finished.

      NOTE:  You can also update Short Name, or even Rolls up to if you want to re-parent an account.  You SHOULD NOT adjust any other columns in the file.
  6. Back in Adaptive Insights (Modeling > General Ledger Accounts), follow these steps to update your Account names:

    1. Click the Import account structure icon .

    2. Make sure that Update is the selected option.

    3. Click Choose File and browse for the file you saved above.

    4. Click Upload.

  7. Browse your accounts to make sure the name changes look the way you want them to look.

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