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Q: Can I build a formula in my forecast version that refers to my budget version?

The concept of cross-versions calculations is a common question that we get, unfortunately today the answer is currently:  no there are no cross-version calculations in formulas.

There is one sort of exception here related to Actual overlay data in a planning version (Budget, Forecast, whatever you call them).  For example a version may cover all 2019 and 2020, with a Stat of Plan set to January 2020. With this setup Actual data will overlay the plan data for all of 2019 (assuming it has been loaded) and plan data will be displayed for all 2020.  If you have a formula on an account in the planning version that reference time=this-12 for example, the formula will be referencing Actual data in 2019 for a plan month in 2020.  

For example:

Acct.MyAcctCode[time=this-12] * 1.02

Keep in mind that the result of a formula like that is to get the data from last year Actual and increase it by 2%, but it is really just referencing data within the same version so it really is not a cross-version calculation.

This is a good topic to add or vote for in Product Feedback.

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