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Formula Support Group Nov 2019 - Formula assistant basics, changing a formula for a specific level, capturing raises

This is the recording of the North America session.  The video actually kicks in at the 3 minute mark.

This session covered the following 3 pre submitted questions:

  1. I would like to know the use of formulas under Formula Assistant when and how to use "Time=this, this+1, this-1, etc", "Level", Dimension, Value and "Attribute.
  2. I want Logic X to apply at all levels, but from a point in time onward, Logic Y is applied to a specific level only, while the other levels remain on Logic X
  3. Is there a way to collect info on the raises people get in all departments in a fiscal year. We are trying to keep track of the $'s and see if we are within budget. We budget market rate adjustment raises in one department, and would like to know if we are within budget. Other than keeping this in an Excel spreadsheet, we are wondering if it is possible to do this in Adaptive.

During the webinar I realized that I did not have the full answer to number 3 (my sample worked out what the total increase to Pay Rate was but not how much in the current year), so I did a little more work and here is a more complete answer.

  • We had this account with the following formula:
    • Annual Raise Impact
      ROW.PayRate - ROW.PayRate[time=this-1]
  • We just needed 1 more account to spread that value to the months. It will be different for many customers depending on how you spread your Pay Rate to months.  My model uses an even spread, you should find how your model does it in the Salary calculation.  I just copied that formula and replaced Pay Rate with my Annual Raise Amount:
    • Monthly Raise Amount
      ROW.PartialHeadCount*if (ROW.per="hr",if (ROW.HoursPerWk=0,40,ROW.HoursPerWk)*(2080)/(480), 1/12) * ROW.Annual_Raise_Amt

The user interface might not match what you see in this video.


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