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Formula Support Group 09-20-19

Topics covered:

2 examples of creating a year-to-date (YTD) calculation:

  1. The less ideal, and as we saw more error prone way using a formula.  For closure purposes, the reason my formula ended up wrong was I wrote it as Expenses + Expenses from last month.  The 2nd part of that formula should have pointed at last month’s YTD Expense account and not Expenses.
  2. The more ideal way using some out of the box abilities originally introduced for weighted average translations (WAT).

2 Examples of getting data from a Modeled sheet into a Cube sheet: 

  1. The more common (because it has been around longer) way using a Cube Calculated account and in IsBlank formula (both the wrong and right way to do it with a trigger account).
  2. The newer, and in many cases better way of doing it with Cube Linked accounts.

The last thing we covered did not end up working.  If you search the knowledge center for "Custom Display As" you will find a video example of it working.  I suspect my example did not work because I was using a variance percent calculation, where in the video it is just the variance.

The user interface might not match what you see in this video.

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