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Missing Buttons, Boxes, and Windows in the Browser

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


Why are certain windows, buttons, dialog boxes, etc. not loading in my browser?

Example image:



There are a few areas to check if this is happening:

1. Are you on a supported browser?

2. Do you have any add-ins or extensions turned on in your browser?

  • In Firefox, you can check from the three-bars in the upper-right>Add-ons. To start Firefox with add-ons disabled, you can go to the three-bars in the upper-right>Question mark at the bottom>"Restart with Add-ons Disabled".
  • In Internet Explorer, you can check from the gear icon in the upper-right>Manage Add-ons and disable as needed.
  • In Edge, you can go to the menu in the upper-right>Extensions and disable them as needed.
    • We have seen cases of Adblock Plus blocking certain items in the application.
  • In Chrome, you can go to the menu in the upper-right>More Tools>Extensions

3. If you are on a more secure network, something could be blocking the connection(s) made with Adaptive. You could try testing on an outside network and/or checking with your IT to see if * and * should be white-listed.

4. Specific to Internet Explorer, you could be in Compatibility View.