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Seat Types

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


What are the different Seat Types in Adaptive and what permissions do they include?


There are five available seat types: Administrative, Standard, Analysis, Report Only, and View Only.

Seat Types

Administrative Users (Planning, Consolidation & Discovery)

Administrators can access and configure all aspects of the Adaptive products. They have the ability to restrict any user’s
access to specific functions and data with the user’s unique permission profile.

Standard Users (Planning, Consolidation & Discovery)

Standard users are given controlled access to data and functionality within the Adaptive products. Administrators can
grant various and different access to standard users, depending on the users’ roles, responsibilities, and needs.

Analysis Users (Planning)

Planning Analysis users can create and view dashboards and reports, can participate in workflow, and can review (but not
edit) data from sheets. This seat type includes less capability than planning Standard users (who do have the ability to
edit data from sheets), but more capability than planning Report Only users (who do not have the ability to view sheets).
Access can include Discovery for Planning & Consolidation.

Report Only Users (Planning & Consolidation)

Planning Report Only users can create and view dashboards and reports, and can participate in workflow, but cannot
access sheets, or enter or edit data. Managers and executives who participate in planning as reviewers, but who do not
enter data, are likely to be Report Only users. Access can include Discovery for Planning & Consolidation.                                      

View Only Users (Discovery)

Discovery View Only users can create, view, interact with, and analyze charts and dashboards, but cannot modify or
create visual elements. This type of user is available with Discovery standalone, or Discovery for Planning &

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