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How can I restrict access for a group of users who only need access to one standard sheet?


I have a group of users who only need access to one standard sheet for data entry. How can I restrict their access to one sheet while allowing other users to see the same sheet and all other sheets.


You can create a duplicate of the sheet as a User Assigned Sheet for the group that only needs to access to one sheet. You will also want to create a separate role for these users where you remove access to the following permissions: Access Sheets, Editable Sheet Access, and Edit Dimension on Sheet.

  • Removing their sheet access permissions will completely remove the "Sheets" tab from their navigation menu.


  • They will have access to the Assumptions tab after they are added to a user assigned sheet. User Assigned sheet means that a user with access to a sheet in the "Assumption" menu will see data for ALL levels and accounts that are available on the sheet, regardless of the level access that the individual has.



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